Cr√©√© par 5 musiciens, passionn√©s par la musique Swing & Blues, avec une grosse experience dans diff√©rents styles de Jazz et de danse Swing, The Raggedy Junkers sont n√©s en 2014 √† Toulouse, la magnifique ville rose o√Ļ la musique jazz et les danses swing sont partout.

Avec une grande variété de style : New-Orleans, Swing, Blues, the Raggedy Junkers vous transporteront dans les années 20 et 30. Débordant d'énergie, cet orchestre vocal vous fera gigoter sur vos chaises ou sauter sur la piste de danse.

Originellement un Quintet, avec chant, Trompette, Trombone, Tuba, Banjo & Washboard, l'orchestre évolue, lorsqu'il est engagé pour jouer dans un authentique club de Jazz à Shanghai : nouvelle chanteuse, Guitare, Saxophone Basse, Trompette & Trombone, puis propose un sextet pour une version blues et swing lent avec une batterie, et ensuite un septet : une contrebasse se rajoute et un saxo tenor remplace le saxo basse pour proposer du pur Swing !!!

Valeria Vitrano (Singer, washboard)

Born in Palermo, Sicily, Valeria Vitrano began to sing when she was a child. At the age of 13 she began her experience as vocalist in a rock band. From 2003 until today, Valeria lends his voice to the Lidio Florulli Chamber Orchestra.
In 2005 she started studying jazz music at the brass group in Palermo, where she discovered many artists which will become her source of inspiration : Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James.
During this period she understood the importance of jazz and she started performing with some jazz bands in Sicily.
In 2010 she moved to Toulouse to attend the School Music'Hall at the end of which she got the MIMA (Musician and Performer of Modern Music) degree. While there, she began to sing in various french jazz bands She also sings in a soul/funk band  and in a world music band.
Now she studies at the conservatory of jazz at Montauban, France. 

Eric Pollet (Trombonne)

Born in 1989, Eric Pollet starts music at 7. He discovers the joy of the trombone and the electric bass. He decides to start improvised music and jazz. At 17 he starts jazz classes at the Conservatory of Toulouse. In the meantime, he discovers the job of wind instruments repairman that he will practice for several years at the Atelier des vents in Toulouse.
Meanwhile, he encounters a lot of musicians from different horizons and he joins several formations ranging from jazz hard bop to Funk bands and world music (El gato negro y su tropical combo) with which he went on tour in Mexico in 2014.
After gradually discovering live and ‚Äúamplified‚ÄĚ music, he went back to the basics with street music by integrating several formations purely acoustic dedicated to perform especially in the street, with the aim of being close to the public. On this occasion, he enlarges his panel of instruments and took up the tuba and the sousaphone.

Nicolas Vezzoni (trumpet, vocals)

Born in 1975, Nicolas Vezzoni has began his musical career as a singer and band leader in a punk rock band in the early 90's. Later he became singer in rock'n'roll and swing bands as well as a self-taught trumpet player .
New Orleans music lover, he plays Creole Brass Band music and early jazz stuffs and sings french crooning songs. His masters are Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Charles Trenet, George Brassens and many others... 
Romuald Leroy (saxophone)

Bernard Cavasa (Guitar, Vocals)

After trying piano and saxophone, Bernard felt in love at the age of 15 with the guitar. In a finger-picking style, he plays traditional delta blues, Piedmont blues, and american folk music during 10 years. Listening for jazz since ever, he started then swing-dancing where he became a world renowned dancer. Mixing his new passion with the music, he started to play swing music, introducing finger picking style into traditionnal jazz. In love with early jazz, New-Orleans, Ragtime and blues, he uses a archtop guitar to give a rhythm that will make you dance ;) 

Mathias Bayle (Drums)

Born in 1991, Mathias begin to play drums at 8 years old in a music school in Toulouse

He starts to play in some rock bands at 14, then multiply his experiences by playing other styles : Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Swing, Improvised music, Brasilian ...

With a MIMA diploma, he continues to study at Dante Agostini school in Toulouse

Youssef Ghazzal (Contrebasse)

Arrivé à Toulouse en 2011, Youssef Ghazzal est contrebassiste, arrangeur et compositeur dans de nombreuses formations et compagnies de spectacle vivant. Les tout premiers pas seront pour le swing et le Be-Bop. Après la guitare et le trombone c'est à la contrebasse qu'il dédie conservatoires et divers stages de jazz (CRR Toulouse, CRR Chartres, Marciac, Jazz Capbreton,...).
Il joue et fait danser depuis plusieurs années sur des terrains aussi variés que le swing, le blues, les danses traditionnelles Européennes, les danses Latines, ainsi que sur les danses improvisées.
Marc Maffiolo (Bass & tenor saxophone)

Saxophonist born in France in 1975, Marc Maffiolo discovers the saxophone in a self-taught way. Interested in the sound and operation of this instrument, he trained as a wind instrument repairer. Today, he is exclusively a musician. By discovering the street show, he will become aware of the intimate relationship between the game and the context in which it is practiced. He will then incorporate improvised music into his instrumental and musical practice, whether free or linked to writing. In the ragtime-blues- jazz bands, his bass saxophone recalls the sound that Adrian Rollini brought in the 1920s.